EcPro FAQ’s and Help Videos

From 1st February 2020 we transitioned to the EC Pro booking system. This system allows you to book online through the app or website as well as through reception. It will provide you notifications of your lessons and view how many tokens (loyalty card lessons) available. Most clients have now transitioned to it and find it works well and is very convenient. 

Sometimes questions arise. The FAQ section and you-tube videos may help. Or of course call the office on 01344-884992.

EC Pro Help Videos:


 Do I always need to book online?

No, you can still call reception to book into a lesson – however, you must register an account online –

Do I have to create an account per person as I come with my family?

No, when you register an account you can add a variety of riders. When you book in please give the account holders name so we can search each rider.

I’ve registered but cannot see any verification email.

Please call reception on 01344 884992 and a member of staff will escalate your issue.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is 24-hours before your booked lesson.

I have cancelled before the cancellation policy runs out where does my money go to?

Any cancelled lessons that are done before the 24-hour period will be credited to your profile, token or credit. If you would like a refund please call reception.

Do you still have a “loyalty card scheme”?

Yes, you will still be able to purchase a package of 11 lessons for the price of 10. These will be stored as “tokens” and will be able to view them on your profile.

I’ve purchased a group package, however I still want private lessons – how does this work?

Please call the reception and we will be able to override this for you.

The system isn’t letting me book into/view available lessons for tomorrow, how do I do this?

Online bookings are available up until 24 hours before. If you would like to book a lesson on the day you will need to call reception on 01344 884992 to see what is available. 

Am I automatically booked into group lessons each week?

No, you will have to book in to each lesson you wish to take.

I want to book on to a training day, can I book this online?

Any training days or events will be booked through our reception to start with then will progress to online bookings.

My friend and I want to have a semi-private lesson together, how do we go about that?

When setting up your profile you can add several riders to your account. Once you are both riders on the same account you can create semi-private lessons.

If you are not on the same account please call reception and they will be able to override this for you.

Can I transfer credit between mine and my friends account?

At this time no, if you want to have a lesson together you could alternate payments from each individual accounts or call reception to pay individually.

I cannot book into the normal group lesson I am in from the app?

Every individual is graded dependent on their level. This has meant that sometimes you can’t see your usual lesson. We are aware that some individuals may enter higher groups, so please do call us and we can manually put you in.

I’ve registered but I can’t see any lessons?

This is because you have not been graded, please call reception and they will do this for you.

If this is your first time with us you would have to do an assessment lesson beforehand to see what available lesson are available.

Where do I choose my horse I would like to ride?

For every booking the horse selected is called school horse and we will allocate in house.

If you do have a preference, please mention in the notes of your booking and we will try our best to allocate where we can.

I do not remember when my lesson is?

You will be able to see your booked in lessons on your profile, follow this step by step video if you are unsure where to view this – 

Does this apply for loaners and livery?

If you with loan or have livery with us all we need you to do is register with us and continue to book lessons in house. However you will be able to view your booked in lessons and cancel the same way 

If you have any further questions please email reception at or call 01344 884992.