Current Vacancies at Berkshire Riding Centre

A Career at the Berkshire Riding Centre

We are a BHS approved Where to Train Centre and Rosie is qualified to deliver BHS training and NVQ training. Over the years we have helped employees get their BHS qualification from Stage I to BHSI.

We frequently work with staff who have a good level of qualification but want to go to the next step, whether it be BHSAI, BHSII or BHSI. To help our staff get there we offer subsidised training (normally the Centre will pay 50% of fees), and bring in outside instructors to help.

We also can help staff achieve apprenticeship qualifications:

Child protection and first aid courses are delivered regionally in co-ordination with the BHS.

Many employees have moved on to important roles in the horse world both in the UK and abroad having been trained at the Berkshire Riding Centre Ltd.

We offer 12 month apprenticeships leading to stage 2 NVQ qualifications. If you are interested in this contact us.