Our people are what makes us different.

Everyone at the Berkshire Riding Centre is a trained and experienced professional / coach.

Our status as a BHS Where to Train Centre means all our staff are continually updating their knowledge and skills to ensure they are completely up-to-date and that our clients have the best possible experience with us.

Everyone at the Centre has taken the BHS Child Protection Course, passed their BHS Riding & Road Safety exam and have first aid training in one form or another.

The BHS revamped the qualifications and renamed them. All the staff below have both their qualifications detailed using the old and new styles. To explain it better see table below:

Old Qualification           New qualification                                                                      
Stage 1                            Stage 1 – Complete Horsemanship
Stage 2                            BHSQ Level 2 Foundation Coach in Complete Horsemanship
BHSAI                              BHSQ Level 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship
BHSII                                BHSQ Level 4 Senior Eventing Coach
BHSI                                 Performance Coach BHSI

Leah Heard, BHSQ Level 3 CCH + St.4 Senior Dressage + Lunge

Senior Instructor

Leah started her career at BRC as a part-time groom while completing her Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Equine Management at Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA). Since joining BRC as a full-time groom she has completed her Stage 2 Foundation Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship and her Stage 4 Senior Lunge + Dressage Rider.

Leah is an all round popular instructor, teaching both children and adults at a variety of levels in both flat and jump. Children love her lessons, especially her after school 4:30pm-6:00pm Friday Pony Club.

Along side teaching, Leah also takes particular responsibility for our Livery Horses on Megan's days off. She continually is building a strong reputation as an eager and hard worker and we all expect to see more from her.

Kristy Mills, BHS St. 4 Senior Coach + St. 4 SM + BHS Ride Safe Trainer

Part-Time Senior Instructor (Thursday and Sunday)

Kristy has been at the Centre since September 2006. After having her first son and opening her own livery yard, Kristy transferred to working part-time on Thursdays and Sunday's.

Kristy is an extremely popular instructor, a great teacher and coach with eyes in the back of her head. She uses positive thinking and an eye for detail to help you achieve your ambitions.

Kristy runs a variety of flat and jump groups on both of the days she works. You've got to be quick to book her, as she is very popular with both children and adults alike.

Becky Spencer, BHSQ Level 3 CCH + St.4 Senior Lunge

Senior Instructor

Becky is no stranger to the yard having worked at the centre previously. Becky is one of our most popular teachers with clients of all levels.

Her fun, can do attitude develops the confidence of the rider; she has a keen eye for rider position and isn't afraid to make you work hard to achieve your goals and become a better overall rider!

Becky is well qualified having completed her BHS Stage 3 and Stage 4 lunge, she is currently training for her Stage 4 complete.

Rowena Smith, BHS Level 2 Foundation CCH + St. 3 Groom

Junior Instructor

Rowena is one of BRC’s longest standing member of staff, she has worked at BRC since before we were a riding school! Since being at BRC, she has achieved her BHS teaching and groom qualifications whilst under the guidance of Rosie.

Rowena is a patient and encouraging coach with an understanding of how to get the best from young children, perfect for those just starting out, as well as those with more experience.

Along side teaching Rowena works on the yard, focusing on the tack and feed - so if you can't find the right saddle or bridle, Rowena is your girl!

Mollie Moore, BHS Level 2 Foundation CCH


Mollie is one of our Instructors at the Centre.

Mollie has a number of years' experience working as a groom and instructor at local centres. With her own horses she has competed at high levels in both eventing and showing, bringing on youngsters and rehabilitating horses following her degree in in Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Mollie is a calm and encouraging coach, becoming very popular with all clients she takes. You will also see Mollie on the yard or schooling our livery and riding school horses and ponies.

Mollie has her BHS Stage 2 complete and Pony Club B test, she is currently training to complete her BHS Stage 3.

Lily Taylor, BHS Level 2 Foundation CCH + St. 3 Groom

Groom + Instructor

Lily re-joined the Centres and is working four days a week.

Lily started working for us as an apprentice and was promoted to Junior Groom, within that time she completed her BHS qualifications up to Stage 3 Ride and Care.

Within her time away she worked for a variety of professional show jumpers and livery yards, experiencing competition grooming at shows such as the Mediterranean Tour in Oliva, Valencia.

Re-joining the yard, Lily works on both horse care and instruction side of the centre. Recently passing her Stage 2 Teach and part of her Stage 3 Teach. Popular with all clients on both the yard and while instructing, her instructions are positive and clear.

Megan Humphries

Part-time Livery Groom

Megan works on the yard working as a part time groom working mornings Monday to Friday. Meghan achieved her NVQ 2 with us and now is actively supporting the horse care side. Megan previously groomed in polo and dressage livery yards, while having her own horses at home - mainly focusing on showing & dressage.

Megan works closely with our Livery clients' horses, ensuring their everyday care is up to our company standards.

Janine Abraham


Janine previously worked with various Polo teams, before joining the team full time (4 days a week)! With her experience in Polo, Janine is very competent and efficient on the yard. Alongside our team of groom, Janine supports the daily running of the yard. Alongside the horse care you will see Janine exercising a variety of our riding school and livery pony and horses.

Amelie Tuthill, BHS

Apprentice Groom

Amelie joins us as an Apprentice Groom and has almost completed her apprenticeship. This is her first full time professional role in the equestrian business but she is no stranger to horses.

Sarah Ward

Receptionist (Sunday & Monday)

Sarah runs the office as a receptionist on Sundays and Mondays. She is fully involved in how we do our business and is very knowledgeable on EcPro - do call her with any questions or just to book!

Berkshire Riding Centre

Catherine Duthie

Part time Groom and Receptionist

Most of you will know Catherine by now. She joined us to assist both in horse care and reception. The plan is that she will work Tuesdays to Fridays on the yard in the morning and in the office in the afternoons. Saturdays she will be more in the office than the yard depending on need. She is there to help so do look out for her when you arrive at the yard.

Catherine has asked that we do not post a Photo of her here.

Berkshire Riding Centre

Victoria Holloway


Victoria recently joined us as a groom.
Whilst she has not worked in the equestrian industry before, she has experience in retail and has been involved with horses both as a sport and helping out at a local riding stable.

Rosie Lord BHSI / BHS Accredited Professional Performance Coach, BHSI
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